The Other Shoe Falls in Afghanistan

Our State Department:

The embassy is offering loans to those who are unable to afford the airfare out of the country. In April, the embassy ordered the departure of non-essential U.S. government employees from the diplomatic compound in Kabul, and in June heightened its travel advisory for Afghanistan to the State Department’s most critical level.

Washington Times

Yet now those clowns are urging Americans to leave.  This is months after the “most critical” travel advisory?  I’ve known some decent State folks, but that orgaization is part of the problem.  Part of their strongly-worded memo:

“These Taliban actions to forcibly impose its rule are unacceptable and contradict its claim to support a negotiated settlement in the Doha peace process,” the statement added. “They demonstrate wanton disregard for the welfare and rights of civilians and will worsen this country’s humanitarian crisis.”

Who cares?  Shut up, US Dept of State.  Just shut up.

The State Department is just another Progressive exercise in assuming that a grown-up somewhere will eventually settle things based on fairness and principle.  And that’s not how the world works.  Fight for what you have, and have what you fight for.  And nothing else.

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