Race Has Nothing To Do With My Anger

Here’s one of my favorite YouTubers: Kevin Samuels, aka The Godfather.  This man has serious things to say about relationships, about men and women, and in particular about the black relationship scene, and he is FEARLESS.


I don’t agree with him on all points, but I confess, he does bring me around on some things.  At the foundation, his series of videos (regularly updated with live streams and excellent 10-30 minute excerpts from them) is about men and women being different, and women having been led down a trail of tears by the previous generation of women.

Quoting myself from LONG ago, “Misogyny is a spectrum disorder, and a lot of women have it.”  Most of those women are feminists, and what they hate the most is the fact that they were wrong, their gospel is wrong, their lives are ruined and it is too late for them to fix their own lives.  So what do they do?  They reclaim their youth and relevance by arrogating those attributes from women the next generation.  A spiteful culture eats its young.  A spiteful culture with no children must seek out the children of others for nourishment.

Back to Kevin Samuels.  he is an image consultant with a funny backstory, and has recently been interviewed by the YT channel “Aba & Preach”, which is a very good interview.  The first ten minutes provides some fall-off-your-chair funneh clips of KS laying the SMACKDOWN OF TRUTH on some fools.  I also recommend A&P, but it may be an acquired taste — this interview is quite different from most of their videos.

Samuels is intellectually honest and proceeds with moral clarity.  He may not be right all the time (or I could be wrong), and his engagement with many of the “young” women who call his show (you’re not as young as you think ladies — tick tick tick!) can seem hostile, but it’s a process.  Confrontation doesn’t just precede candid communication — it facilitates that meeting of the minds where before there was just a contest of opinions.

He has facts on hand for the black relationship scene (“If every black man in America married a black woman in America, there would be two million black women left over”), but his ground truths apply to all races.  Far from criticizing a man for sticking up for his race as such, I admire it.  He bears no hostility to anybody, and this honkey has great respect for the brass nuts on this true leader of men.

Apparently he used to speak mostly to young men, but as the topic was mostly women, said females began to call in asking for advice about the built-in audience of men.  Well done, ladies — you’ve finally found the right people to ask about what men want.  MEN.

Each call is its own thing, although themes have developed to the point that he has a bunch of sound bites on a buttonboard (“I’m a PhD!”, Danger zone music, Smack!) and quotes at the ready for the recalcitrant, like “Alright then — buy a dog and die alone”.

Kevin Samuels not only HAS a right to talk about race in frank terms, he IS right to do so.  It’s hard to criticize a man for putting his best foot forward, nice suits and some production effort, especially when he markets himself as an image consultant.  I’ve never hired him and cannot vouch for the quality of the product, but if I dressed the way he does and represented my views with the fortitude and indomitable calm that he does, I would be better off.  Sounds legit to me.

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  1. Thanks for this. I’ve only watched a third so far. Good stuff!

  2. >> Well done, ladies — you’ve finally found the right people to ask about what men want. MEN.

    Years ago I was reading my wife’s copy of Glamour. The article was by a man about what men want. It said men like heavy woman.

    This was good for some laughs when us men would gather. Me to the younger men: “ Hey, things have changed since my youth. Your generation find heavy woman attractive.” It turns out, Glamour had deceived them. Imagine that.


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