Our Destruction Proceeds Apace

From American Thinker: The Canadian border is now closed due to COVID but illegal immigrants streaming across our southern border with their ten percent covid infection rate are being transported at taxpayer expense into the U.S. interior. If this doesn’t qualify as senseless, pointless, lunacy, I don’t know what would…. Continue reading

Three-child Policy?!

In 1979, China implemented the one-child policy, with predictable and disastrous consequences. Fertility is way below replacement at less than 1.6 and their population pyramid is messed up. Central planning creates a problem? Central planning produces a solution, comrade! In May of this year, the Politburo announced that up to… Continue reading

A Farewell to Mongo

I’ve been tracking the news since it was embargoed. Glad I was able to connect with some of the usual suspects before I started the business trip I’m on. I struggle for things to say times like these, which of course makes writing less likely. I never met Mongo and… Continue reading