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I just finished reading VDH’s piece in American Greatness, Why Are Progressives So Illiberal. It brought to mind just how pathetic things are, and how badly off we are.

Here we sit, comfy in our immediate surroundings, lamenting the rash of things that have recently befallen us. It is fact that for the last 4+ years the Progressives have been running a particularly odious scam – Russia Collusion – in an apparently successful attempt to displace the most successful president to advance American ideals, promote America First concepts, institute peace (through strength), advance commerce, decrease real racism (as opposed to the baloney type hyped by the Progressives) in the last 70 years.

70 years is a boatload of time. It is only a skosh less than my time on this earth. It is all the time since the self-proclaimed “greatest generation” won a great war and simultaneously destroyed the nation they supposedly fought to save. Progressives got us into WWII in a myriad of ways. They had moved, much as today, to destroy the nation over the preceding 10 years, substituting an “educated expert” class for the common sense of the average man. This common sense had been enshrined in the constitution as a series of negative rules designed to protect the individual from government. Yet in ways similar to events today, the Progressives of the 30’s managed to turn these concepts on their head, overturning 150 years of jurisprudence on its head. And no one from the “greatest generation” demurred. Nor did their parents, people who had lived through WWI and the fascism of Wilson that followed. And of course, we also have ourselves to blame, with our hedonistic culture that arose from the wealth created by the conditions of WWII.

Today we have watched, passively, while BLM burned down black neighborhoods, proving that for them black lives do NOT matter. We have been publicly shamed by a demonstration of average Americans showing support for their president, with the label of “insurrection” being applied. Would that it were true! Would that the crowd HAD TRULY taken over Congress, dethroned the reigning illegitimate “rulers” (NOT representatives!), and forced a recalibration of the government! Instead everywhere there are calls for “calm”, for “peaceful” opposition, for “rule of law”. Hell, rule of law is gone! Like the country song of the same title, “Gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday, gone like a soldier in the Civil War, bang, bang, gone, gone, gone, GONE!” It should be poignantly obvious we have an illegitimate president when it took 30,000 troops for him to be inaugurated – and pretty much no civilian attendance.

Meanwhile a national election SO lopsided is stolen SO BLATANTLY – as it had to be because the “winning” candidate is a pathetic, addle-pated husk of a corrupt politician, who rightfully ought to be in ADX Florence and not the White House. ?And what do we do – we cry in our latte. Emboldened by their success in squashing dissent, the Progressives now howl at our doors like a wolf pack over their kill, de-platforming our commentators, eliminating places that would dare to allow free expression, and even protecting the rich & famous from their own illegalities for making gross billions of dollars. We have spent the last year cowering from the effects of a bioweapon unleashed upon us by an enemy of our nation, willfully or accidentally, and now sit around discussing such idiotic ideas as “social distancing” and obligatory mask wearing, an action that has little if any supporting demonstration of usefulness. How demoralizing.

But have at least a glimmer of hope. The original Founders of this unique nation had not intended to render the bond between England and them. They only wished for redress, a real say-so in how their affairs, 3-5 months journey from the mother home, are run. It was when the despised Red Coats went and seized the powder stores in Cambridge that the flint was struck and ALL the colonists recognized the danger and the real fight was on.

And the minions behind the cardboard Biden are coming for your guns!


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  1. Thank you for letting me rant. I continue to be SO TICKED – at the total lack of concern about the loss of our civil liberties, from the theft of our last national election to the muzzling of any dissent. No matter how this turns out, it won’t be good.

  2. I am thinking identical thoughts. Guns will not be surrendered peaceably; nor will they be registered.

  3. And just to add a slightly different POV, I just read this in Epoch Times – a small piece on Admiral Stockdale, a Hanoi Hilton survivor.

    “This is a very important lesson. You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end—which you can never afford to lose—with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be.”

  4. This is a time for “pessimistic optimism”.

    Pessimistic, because we know the current path ends in tears. To use the Left’s favorite word, the current situation is unsustainable. The National Debt will never be repaid — wiping out what lots of what people think of as their “assets”. Pension and social security promises will not be honored. The massive Trade Deficit inevitably will lead to the situation where other countries (China!) refuse to exchange their real goods & services for the Lefties’ IOUs. The current path inevitably leads to privation, poverty, chaos, collapse.

    Optimistic, because the inevitable collapse will create the opportunity for an eventual rebirth in North America. Maybe we will have to endure a few generations of effective Chinese rule, but eventually our descendants will grab the opportunity to build a better world. We have to make sure the knowledge of what went wrong gets transmitted across the generations to them.

    Think long term. China was the most advanced nation in the world in the 1400s when their Ruling Class made some very bad decisions. It took 500 years for the Chinese people to recover from those mistakes — about 20 generations. Let’s be optimistic that in 20 generations time, young people in history classes will read about a forgotten President focusing on transgendered bathrooms and shake their heads in a mixture of disbelief & amusement.

  5. You would then advocate for a Foundation-like creation, because what we have is rather unique. It is NOT a democracy, nor a parliamentarian type of government. It has two houses for reasons the Progressives have buried so long ago that today I would bet very few especially younger people know. It is the only government based upon rights that are God given as opposed to granted by the state. No other government is so constrained nor so constructed as we are. You are truly optimistic to believe 500 yrs or however many generations later any of these things will be known or recognized for their importance.

  6. Today, we know about the debates between the Federalists and the Anti-Federalists over 200 years ago. (Sadly, the fears of the Anti-Federalists have mostly come to pass). We know what happened in China about 500 years ago. We know what went wrong in Rome 2,000 years ago. There is no reason why we cannot pass on all that knowledge and all that bitter experience on to people 2 centuries (say) in the future.

    Does anyone really imagine we can have another “election” in 2 years time and then things will start returning to normal? It took decades to get the US into this mess — it is going to take a long time to get out of it. But we should be optimistic about the prospects for eventual success, as long as we can accept that most of us are unlikely to live long enough to see that outcome. Will it take 50 years or 500 years for us to hit rock bottom, dig out, and rebuild? None of us can say. But the process starts now.

    I imagine something analogous to the Irish monasteries of the Dark Ages, well off the main street of Europe but keeping the light of learning alive until there was an opportunity for regrowth. This time, it should be much more distributed than easily-pillaged monasteries. The process would rely on books in preference to hackable digital media, and would focus on educating the next generation. Think Hillsdale College writ large!

  7. I fully agree with you and as almost always, VDH.

    However I have been tiring of the approach taken by so many of us (including myself up until a few years ago) which is continually trying to prove – and being astonished by – the rank hypocrisy of the left. At some point it ceases to be hypocrisy, and we stupidly grant them the conceit of them believing their own words and precepts. They don’t. It’s been proven beyond any doubt. Certainly now. It’s as though we want to believe they are really good-hearted caring people who are themselves misguided and grant that evil resides only in their leaders.

    I confess I don’t have the answer, but this approach isn’t working. I actually think the DJT approach was quite effective. One could argue too effective. Ignore them. Grab power and shove it back in their faces. He ignored every charge of racism, of being a dictator, of being stupid, of being immoral. Because he knows it’s all a tactic.They don’t deserve an explanation.Sure that has downsides in politics as we have seen, but endlessly trying to use reason and defending oneself against spurious charges is a fool’s game.

    Someone tries to rape your sister, you just beat them up, no need to explain manners and decency to him.
    So next time I get into a debate, trivial or not might be taking that approach. My relationship with some of these people is already quite compromised, so depending on time place and person I could be saying things like, “You don’t believe that. No, you really don’t. If you did you wouldn’t be advocating for obviously failed policies and believe such blatant falsehoods. Those are my beliefs and goals i.e. to improve the world for everyone, and your goal, apparently, is to make it worse. It’s up to you to prove to me otherwise, or shut up. Besides, you’re unbelievably ignorant.” I really don’t care much anymore. It’s a shame, but I cannot abide insanity, especially when it happens at my, and my loved ones expense.

    Ultimately I’m shocked at how moronic so many people are with no thoughts of their own, That’s another one. “You don’t really think that. You were told to think that. You don’t have your own thoughts.” Is something I’m ready to say (and defend, if they have the guts to remain in the conversation). But I have to hold myself accountable for my naïveté or whatever led me to believe they could see things that are obvious to me, and people here. I have been dealing with this for a while now. I never knew how much smarter (in some, – even many – ways) than so many other people. I thought they knew, or could see, and could use logic and reason, and that they just didn’t have facts or knowledge.Nope. They want to believe these things. It’s part of their identity they can’t let go. It’s 100% psycological. So I can’t have been that smart to be unable to recognize that. Honestly I’m continually astounded. And I shouldn’t be.

  8. Your thoughts are eloquently expressed, and mimic the same concerns rattling around in my brain.

    I found so much wisdom in your idea that since WWII, or even leading up to it, the “expert” educated class of people replaced those with common sense.
    Not only has that travesty occurred, but it has been codified – the methods for treating an illness are dictated by two things:
    1: the most usual method of treating an illness should be standardized
    2: the methods advocated by the Big Pharma/Big Med Industry, through their control over research, such that the most expensive procedures, devices, medicines and vaccines are now standardized

    Not only should those two facts of modern medicine upset any thinking person, but it is even more troublesome and in fact criminal that Big Global Med Mafia has gone in and actually re-defined basic medical definitions to bring about the COVID scam.
    The word pandemic has been re-defined. (That occurred about 6 years ago.) Also, the concepts and definition of herd immunity has been re-defined.
    One thing that has not yet happened is that although by calling thee “COVID Vaxxes” vaccines does snot mean the legal defiintion ofa vaccine ahs yet been re-defined. So the basic definition of a vaccine remain true to the wording of the term inwside that section of US Civil Code that came about as part of the 1986 Vaccine Act.

    I have spent so much time since April 2020 reviewing every alternative idea and piece of factual accounts related to the COVID scenario.

    Right now I have a “go to” video that encapsulates the biggest “tell” of how this pandemic is not at all related to a “virulent, killer virus” but rather this scam is about the total take over of our lives. That video is this one:

    It is really worth viewing as Dr Lee Merritt refers to some of the more outrrageous aspects of modern medical life.

    A bit of background: I have worked in hospitals sicne I was 16 years old. And to be able to work on the floor of the hosptial where I was a volunteer HS “Candy Striper” I had to take a college level infectious disease course. So that would be back in 1968.

    One of the things I was taught was that masks work best when newly exposed to someone who is highly infectious. The masking up must occur during the initial and subsequent visits to that person. So when I went into this one woman’s room, back in 1968, I went in wearing a head cap, a mask, a paper gown, and paper booties, over my CS uniform.

    We were taught that if you wait 2 months to undertake a masking program, should some “epidemic” arise, it would be meaningless. But that is exactly how the COVID scare was handled in California – we were not put under the order to wear masks until May 21st 2020, when the first death in the USA occurred in Washington state months earlier in Jan 2020.

    My question: has the human anatomy changed in some major way that we can put off the use of masks for many months and them pretend that using them at the later date makes sense?

    Anyway if you have the time, please watch Dr Merritt in the vid linked above. She explains so much of how the medical world has been corrupted. It is not surprising the corruption has taken place – our med school textbookds are available only after the major palyers at Big Pharma ensure there is no teaching insude thsoe books that threatens that industry to lose even a penny of available prescription or vax administration.

    I love how Dr Merritt points out that our nation has not been taken down by a virus, but by fear.

    Merritt also points out that one major force that has resulted in so many of the quarter million fatalities suffered by Americans who are inside a hospital for care, happens to be established as “Standard of Care.”

    In the 1960’s, doctors were free to act according to their best jugement. Now the Big Global Med Mafia has “standardized” care, and Merritt points out the risks of haivng this method of medicine as the law of th eland. What it boils down to is that if the meed establishment is wrong on how to handle an infection, either through ignorance, or through the influence of the Big Global Med Mafia, it is almost impossible to have a phsyician who discovers the real remedy to then go about using it!

  9. Now you have me curious – what were the mistakes the Chinese made 500 years ago?

  10. >>Does anyone really imagine we can have another “election” in 2 years time and then things will start returning to normal? 

    This is the fantasy. The myth. This is fueled by hope.

    We live in a country that accepts moral hazard at a grand scale. It isn’t even accepts. It is unaware.

    If a community wants to defund the police. They should be able to defund the police. It is a terrible idea that has already been a disaster. In order to have self government, you have to be able to make bad decisions. The key is that community must accept the consequences. They won’t. It will still be someone else’s fault.

    If a city, state or country wants to shut down because of a virus, go ahead and make that decision. But there are consequences that you also must accept. The consequences were papered over with fake money printing as if there were no consequences.

    Moral hazard plays a large part in every major issue this country faces. Financial, education, war, health, etc.

    You cannot self govern while having moral hazard in your DNA. No election is going to fix it. It is who we are as a nation. It is who we will remain until really bad things happen.

    It changes when forcing your neighbor to lose their business or job or child’s education in order to feel safe has an immediate consequence. It will change when people won’t accept bailing out Flint Michigan, GM, the banks, the stock market, the savings and loans, etc. It will change when people actually have to make a sacrifice when they allow the government to send young boys to die.

  11. Great rant!! I concur

  12. Carol Joy: Now you have me curious – what were the mistakes the Chinese made 500 years ago?

    Carol, replying to you here at the end because I really dislike the cocktail party element of replies to individual posts. A single sequence of posts makes it so much easier for us all to keep up with the conversation.

    In the early 1400s, China was the most technically advanced nation in the world. Its fleets ranged far and wide, trading & exploring and bringing back new ideas. China’s success had led to the establishment of classes of mandarins and court eunuchs who engaged in serious bureaucratic infighting. Supposedly, when a lightning strike started a fire which burned down the imperial palace, bureaucrats claimed this was a sign that the imperial family was in danger of losing the Mandate of Heaven.

    Whatever the truth of that may be, the reality was that China beached its fleets, burned its shipyards, closed its borders, and turned its back on progress. China stayed frozen for about 300 years while Europeans continued to advance technologically, leading to China’s “Century of Humiliation” — English Opium Wars, Japanese invasion and occupation.

    One of several books which touches on this period is “1421: the Year China Discovered America“, by Gavin Menzies.

  13. New Orleans and everything from the decades-long levee boondoggle to the night before bus fiasco. Thanks, Democrats.


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