Open Thread 08 JUN 2021


I’m traveling and doing a couple of jobs from home a bunch these days.  Pattern to continue until autumn.  So, been a bit pre-occupied.  Schedule finally settling down into busy, but at least known vs unknown.  Mostly.


I may be the last person on the planet, but I am just getting around to GoT for the first time.  I’m always leery of highly-recommended TV, even from friends with a proven good track record.  Opportunity to waste  a lot of time just to find out something is not very good after all, or not to my taste.  So imagine how pleased I am that GoT is not just re-hashed Tolkien (my usual instant assessment of ANY fantasy), but features great characters and many other elements.  The T&A / FFS gets downright gratuitous at times, but I let it ride, as the freight is paid by the balance of other scenes.  And to be hnest, a little T&A isn;t going to hurt me.  Could do without the full frontal sausage, tho.

I know that it falls apart, that the last season is bad and the final episode a disappointing steaming pile, and I know why — the show outran Martin;s books, and the showrunners decided they had better things to do, so they abandoned the project with a lazy season or three and then just killed it.  Oh, well.  I’ve just begun season two, and so far the thing is hanging in there great!


Unfortunately, West World did not hang in there for season two.  I highly recommend West World season one — great TV!  I could complain about how it drags in the middle and then suffers from “explain everything for dear life at the end of the season” syndrome, but again, the freight is paid.  Despite my quibbles, it’s well worth the time.  This is not true of season two, however, which is an unwatchable train wreck, filled with woke trash.  Which is too bad, because some elements remain good. But don’t waste your time.  Season one only.


Considering long-term options — where to live and presumably die.  I’d like to retire early, and part of that I figure is just locking down a domicile and getting it running right.  Have been looking at weather, and it’s pretty much the mountain states.  Humidity, temperature, precip.  Northern Arizona mountains is good — TUC too hot, and PHX too humid, and there are other issues that close to our undefended border anyway.  I don’t mind living around Indian country — the Neapolitan standoff helps keep everybody civil.  NM is my expertise, ABQ works, but I’ve kinda done that to death.  Colorado politics are bad.  TX, UT, ID are great for gun laws, including campus-carry.  AZ has been Constitutional carry for years now (I think).    Really looking for the Goldilocks location.  Politics and humidity.


Not really keeping up with news (famously).  I’m studying history and music.  Keeps me peaceable.

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  1. Gavin Longmuir

    Domicile: There is much to be said for the Mountain States. As you know, the key issue there is Water — which is already difficult, and not getting easier. Before selecting a particular location, it is worth looking around carefully for where the water is going to come from over the few decades of one’s retirement.

    Another feature of the Mountain States is the seasonal variations. A guy from Wyoming told a tale about the 1960s, when Hippies realized they outnumbered the population of Wyoming. Why not all move to Wyoming and vote in a Hippie government? Lots of Hippies arrived for a happy local Summer of Love, but enthusiasm waned as Fall arrived, and very few held on over Winter.

    A suggestion — before you make a final decision on location, spend a long weekend in San Angelo in West Texas and check out the surrounding area. There is water, agriculture, oil, wind power, and well-armed West Texans. It is far enough away from Houston that there is little concern about the flood of refugees from urban Texas when the world goes pear-shaped. And it is actually a pleasant part of the world.

  2. West (dry) Texas appeals to me, but I worry about its demographics. Sure, one city differs from another, but a state is a meaningful entity.
    It looks like a nice place, and I see there is (or was) an F-14 at that AFB. Nice town!

  3. Water is very recyclable but it costs money (for some reason people think access to clean water is a natural right and, therefore, should be free).

    Tucson is just as humid as Phoenix both being in the Sonoran Desert (the wettest and hottest of the US) but Phoenix is a sprawling mess. The AZ mountain communities are getting very pricy, especially Prescott and Flagstaff. (Prescott has a VAMC).

    If it weren’t in NM, I’d be looking at Truth or Consequences. Don’t rule out the Tularosa Basin (Holloman AFB, real close to mountains).

    Me, I can’t go farther north because my SAD is bad enough at 35 degrees N. If it weren’t, I’d look at the Black Hills and parts of UT and ID.

    West TX isn’t all that dry but probably not any worse than Baghdad. Hill country is probably a better choice.

    Don’t forget to factor in closeness to a major airport.

    I’ve never watched either show.

  4. My experience with phoenix is that the city’s prodigious use of water (pools, lawns, who knows what else) made it simply tropical. Just awful. My guess is that Phoenix has gotten better about this, and Tucson likely worse over the last 20-30 years.
    I visited T or C several times when I was a kid — really liked it. My Dad had accounts down there, so he would pack his cimputer and manuals into a rental Cessna and off we would go! Same with El Mirage (I think) so we would buzz on down to Glendale Muni airport and then DIE from the tropical outrage. Go from 50-60 F at altitude to 100+ with dripping humidity (oh, and welcome to the airport, here’s several acres of pavement we’ve been keeping warm for you) and just faceplant at the hotel.
    My Dad called it thermal shock. Whatever it was, we were done for the day no matter what time it was.
    T or C was a dying tiny town which still had general accounts and utility billing (hello, water!) to maintain.
    Papa was a database man.

  5. At Glendale Muni, the city of El Mirage would leave him a clapped-out sedan with balding tires and police interceptor drivetrain. Keys in the visor.
    Old school.


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