Lobster Chat 8PM Eastern Daily

In the absence of a better plan, I like one of the suggestions to just set a window of opportunity for chat.  So as an initial stab, let’s try 8PM East Coast time.  It’s not a commitment, just a time when you would be more likely to find others in the chat.  I won’t always be there, you won’t always be there — no problem.

This time is a compromise between work schedules stateside and a couple of “allied” phone conversations which I don’t want to crash.  Obviously, chat and a phone call go together pretty well, but I don’t wish to be rude, camping our friends’ time slot.  So 8PM is where we’ll start I figure.  And chat is actually open 24/7 (members only), so it’s certainly not a restriction.

Chat gets wiped out from time to time (the simple chat mechanism can only hold 1,000 comments anyway), so if there’s anything you want to keep, by all means, copy it out.  Recipes or yoga tips for example.

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