Kevin Samuels Tastes the Black Pill

Kevin Samuels, aka The Godfather for his “Dad you never had” presence for many black men, engages two young women in this episode.  One is twenty years old and feels that she deserves a high value man.  Why? The other is raising four sons and finds it difficult to speak with other black women about the daughters they are raising.  Why?  The questions share an answer. (nevermind click-baity thumbnail pic — that ain’t her)

As Samuels points out, someday those girls are going to be all your sons have to pick from — or else go outside the race.  White folks face the same issue, with “Go East, Young Man!” becoming more popular and more effective guidance each year.  Appreciative eastern European girls, appreciative Russian girls, appreciative oriental girls (I’m all for rehabilitating that word).  All ever-appreciative.  Really? Some of this is mere exoticism, wherein the unseen issues of the stranger are are not toted up alongside the visible issues of the familiar.

Similar with living overseas, where most American “English teachers” abroad spend their days telling the forthright and hard-working people of country X how bad America is.  Naivete and Marxism combine to produce deep alienation from one’s home culture, particularly when that home culture is the pinnacle of human achievement on the face of the planet, throughout history.  It is not so much that these innocents abroad have expanded their horizons (although this has happened), as it is that they only started paying attention once removed from home.  Fair enough — I never learned English verb declensions until I studied Russian. Why would I bother with a concept like that? I already knew English.  That’s how that goes.

If whites in America and blacks in America (and throughout western Europe, apparently) face the same issue, then it’s not race — it’s culture.  Of course there is a division between men and women, and Vive l’difference!  Hallelujah for the divisions!  It has always been a war between the sexes, long may she wave.  It may be true that young black men find a better quality of women when they “swirl” outside the race (think soft-serve ice cream).  It may also be true that young white men find a better quality of women when the yellow fever grips them.  But in either case, this apples and oranges match-making puts you in a different grouping.  By seeking the exotic, you become the exotic.  You are not looking at the same stratum in a different column — every lateral move is actually diagonal, and to an unknown degree.

Picture the pudgy anime dork with zero at-bats in his home country. He imagines that by going over there, he will be that brave adventurer who appeals to the forthright and hard-working women of the thereby gifted culture (m’lady), armed with a phrasebook and Mom’s recipe for hamburgers. And why would he not go? Once the alpha males have chewed through all of the women in an age group, there’s nothing left for the betas until they age (along with the women) to the point where the women have had their fun, and now are ready to commit to a loser with a paycheck. And he had better treat her right, unlike the Chads who were not subject to restrictions when she was young.

Some of this could be attributed to the linear nature of time, and how we get wiser with age. But that’s mostly a cop-out. Women these days are encouraged through a culture saturated with bad advice to pursue useless degrees and chew through men — but it’s the women who get spit out. The useless degrees of women are of zero or negative value to men. That’s how that goes. A woman’s sexual history matters to men. What’s more, that history leaves traces. Nobody is young forever, not in body, mind, or spirit. Numerous tattoos and extraneous piercings (used to be zero and two, but the times do change, so a greater allowance is made these days), a history of toxic “breakups”, a sudden rectification of sexual rules of engagement after an obvious and lengthy period of slack in the net — these speak of damaged women, and by the time women (abused by the destructive advice — I’m hatin’ on the game, not the poor players) gain some insight in their thirties, so have the men. They will gear down into the ever-renewable crop of low twenty-somethings, or go exotic. What they will not do is put up with Chad’s broken leftovers.

This serves men and women poorly. Feminism is destroying women. Not just the idea of women as such, in a traditional sense, but women as people in society. Women are far more lied to and misled by society about themselves — men are lied to about women. This leads to despair in one, and mere unhappiness in the other. Women are in the disastrous position of finding out that only one currency truly matters, and only once they have spent it all. The degree is of no use to a woman in attracting a quality man not because men want women stupid, but because that degree stole from them the years that they could have put to use establishing and building a family in a community. Who needs a degree for that? He wanted her youth, health, vigor, energy, and optimism. He has no use for her communications and journalism credentials, nor her jaded, haunted eyes, a woman who knows her way around some genitals.

It’s not fair. Of course, it’s not fair. Biology dealt a different hand to women than to men, indeed to all females and males in any sexually reproductive species, and we have evolved under that iron law. Men and women have optimized to perform their roles, and to appreciate the performance of that role in their counterparts.

Blacks and whites, and probably all races face this issue. China and Japan have their “leftover women” and “Christmas cake”. How can a place like Japan have a glut of unclaimed thirty-year-old women? Same reason the US does. Male polygamy (relationships, not marriages), female hypergamy, and the displacement of women from the value column of the dating market when they are at their most valuable.

Blacks in America are still a minority, nevermind breathless headlines about the decline of ol Whitey. The numbers game is tighter for them. Kevin Samuels discusses these numbers quite a bit from time to time. Yet there is an aspect in which whites are in the far more precarious position. If races mean anything, then the disappearance of a race is meaningful, and probably worth avoiding at least for members of that race. The birth rate in Africa is sufficient to ensure that blacks will not go extinct any time soon. American and European whites, on the other hand, have no mothership pumping out wave after wave of replacements. We stupidly replace ourselves with somebody else. The illusion that American population is plugging along nicely due to a barely satisfactory “replacement rate” is much more about one population being replaced than by each population reproducing itself. It may be a stable number, but it is made up of unstable components. It is anything but stable. We thank the cuckoo for not making us lay our own eggs. *headsmack*

Kevin Samuels is a straight-up dude, and I find his short videos valuable. We are all in the same pot. The destruction of the black family by welfare-addicting big government programs and the anti-culture hip-hop thug glorification is not a black thing — at the rate we’re going, and as evidenced in Europe, it’s the future for whites.

It makes for gripping TV.

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