?Is It Too Late

This from Epoch Times.

?Are we now seeing the dying of America. ?Is all that’s left a rearguard. I hope not but I have a bad feeling.

Notice how totally focused and unrelenting the Left is. Yet Misfit Romney is still calling for “bipartisanship”. ?Who is he kidding. ?Why is it that he’s considered smart; it ought to be obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that there is no such thing as “bipartisanship”! That is another fallacy, a construct of the Left when they don’t have enough power to shove their own agenda through.

?Have we not done enough. ?Were we asleep at the wheel. ?How did we get all our side to aquiess that Jan 6 was wrong, when, in reality, it may not have been enough.

I am now waiting to see what happens with guns. It should be obvious that the Left will ram through a radical anti-gun agenda. ?Will it be accepted quietly, or will there be uproar and violence. That may be the bell weather marker of whether the country is gone or not.


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  1. There’s something weird about people like Romney and I think I have their number, basically. They have lived a sheltered life and they have been brainwashed in fairytales that people are good and that all they need to see is more good examples of nice, caring people who want the best. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) there is some truth to this, but not enough. Not enough at all.
    Romney is the guy who wants to prove his virtue to thugs in the act of mugging him. And since mommy and daddy will provide again whatever was stolen, he (and they) take solace in that he conducted himself admirably and perhaps taught the muggers a ‘lesson’ by his stellar conduct.

    This is the trap of virtue narcissism. Romney looks into his reflection in the pond and sees his virtue.

    This trait I common among Never Trumpers. Trump was a litmus test for these people, precisely isolating this tragic flaw of narcissistic virtue signaling. Every last one of these dolts revealed himself as someone more enamored with electing a do-nothing moral icon who they could identify with and admire, over a cad who was actually effective at implementing policies they once advocated. All of these people had little to lose if Trump failed to win in 2020. It turned out they were on a different path. They were on a moral crusade. Politics isn’t policy for them. They are pretty much immune to policy changes, good or bad, since they will be elected or published regardless. Or if not re-elected, given a cushy corporate paycheck.

    I haven’t given up hope, but yes, it looks bad.
    In the event things get much worse, I am expecting every Never Trumper to get publicly lynched. They will consider themselves martyrs, no doubt, true to form.

  2. And the moral crusade is about them more than morality itself. These Nevers identify as Republicans and “conservatives” and the fact that Trump was elected reflected badly (in their eyes) on them, so they took great pains to differentiate themselves.
    Just as Bush claimed he was a “compassionate conservative” signaling that other conservatives were lacking in compassion, these pathetic cowards tried desperately to differentiate themselves from all things Trumpian lest someone think they lacked morals or virtue. For these people, it matters not if the rogue in the Presidency is a Democrat, because they can use that guys lack of morals to highlight their own and claim superiority on that basis. It turns out that’s the ONLY thing they really crave in this game, policies be damned.
    These people are so trapped in this hall of narcissistic virtue-mirrors they cannot see themselves as I (we?) see them.
    Beyond the goody-goody Mormons, there are the goody-goody Jews. Be a mensch. Don’t brag, or call to much attention to yourself (a cultural meme handed down through the ages). This kind of behavior is anathema for many who have been raised in Jewish households.
    Devout Catholics and some Evangelical also had problems, and it’s all traceable to the illusion that our President must be a man of the highest morals to act as a beacon of virtue for the entire country. As it stands, I could never find much wrong with Trump that other Presidents weren’t equally – or more – guilty of.

    Most strange is the phenomenon of the public having no problem being lied to by a politician, but going insane if they discover he lied to his wife about an affair he once had. I get it. The personal life is an indication of how a politician might conduct himself in office, although I can easily debunk that. First, most politicians have faults, flaws and moral lapses – that we know of! Proven. Second, all politicians variously lie, lie by omission, mislead, obfuscate, prevaricate, make statements they know are false, engage in various forms of nepotism and graft, and apparently, all they have to do to play that lucrative game is to be “morally upright” and never cheat on their wives (or make sure they are not caught)

    Somehow, the way Trump made his money is sketchy and we must scrutinize his tax returns. but politicians who accumulate spectacular wealth on their relatively modest “public servant” salaries are given a pass.

  3. Gavin Longmuir

    “Are we now seeing the dying of America. ?”

    We have been seeing it for several decades — if we cared to look. The USA that (kinda-sorta) elected JFK and put a Man (sorry, person of any self-declared gender) on the Moon is long gone.

    While the running dogs in the media bleat about whatever trivia they have been instructed to emphasize that day, the real story has been going on in the background. The educational system has been transformed over the decades into mere propaganda. American students are now a trivial minority in foreign-dominated university post-graduate programs. Once dynamic cities like Detroit & Cleveland have been devastated. Tens of thousands (literally!) of factories have been shuttered and their equipment shipped to China & elsewhere. Politicians have borrowed money they did not have and thrown it away on immediate consumption. Now they can’t borrow any more, they are printing it.

    With a failed education system, a hollowed-out economy, and a soon-to-be-worthless currency — of course the America we remember is dying. The big question is what will take its place after the inevitable collapse?

  4. OK. I take your points. But 74 million (and maybe more if any of the allegations of electronic voting machines skimming votes to Hidin’ are true) Americans managed to somehow avoid the BS and vote for DJT. That’s a rather phenomenal number. ?How did they not become “altered”, and what of them. ?Are we now to just lay down and die, or is there a valid way to mobilize those people and wipe out these anti-Americans.


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