Chinese Fireworks Show

I’m in my ringside seat watch Chinese fireworks launched in honor of our Chinese administration. I expect to see a lot of red and gold.

Oh and I’m sure there will be a salute to buggery.

Here’s my favorite moment — when a an acrid pall of smoke blots the lights of DC from my view. Ahhh…

This should be an intermissions, but I wonder if they just threw up enough fireworks to say they did something. Thw 2020 TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP show went on for what seemed like days, and was structured in identifiable “acts” or movements. This was just a bunch of stuff with a sudden climax. Typical of these n00bs.

Crowds ambling away confused.

I guess if it went on longer, it would keep Resident crankypants awake past his bedtime.

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  1. Gavin Longmuir

    I happened to be in Abu Dhabi at the start of the Year of the Chicken, and watched the — Chinese-organized & supplied — fireworks show to celebrate the Chinese New Year. And what a show!

    The fireworks were launched from rafts moored in the channel between Abu Dhabi island and Al Maryah island, providing lots of ringside viewing areas. At one point, the fireworks created the appearance of a fire-breathing dragon swooping just above the water, travelling from north to south. Jaws dropped. Many of us viewers whispered “That’s not possible!”. So the show immediately had a second dragon travelling from south to north.

    It is amazing what people can do if they don’t have an OSHA telling them “No!”.


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