Not with a bang, but with a prolonged guttural noise and an utter lack of comprehension that anything has ended

“Duhhhhh…”  That is the sound of one hand clapping in the twenty-first century. This also applies to WordPress theme designers, who used to describe their products in terms of how many columns the layout provided, what sort of menu options were built in, and whether the design was “responsive”, which… Continue reading

Xmas Lights

Plague year or not, everyone seems to have gotten in the Christmas spirit. There are more elaborate decorations in my neighborhood than in past years. I especially like the oversized ornaments hanging from the magnolia tree. A neighborhood a dozen or so blocks away goes all out every year. I… Continue reading

The Drift

There is a newsletter named “The Drift”, written by one, David Larter. It discusses things naval. As in USN. The best reference I can manage is: ?Has anyone seen or heard of this guy and/or his newsletter. ?Is he reasonable in what he reports. He seems on the up-and-up, and… Continue reading