Defund the Police

I’m into defunding the police the same way I’m into burning down the Republican Party.  It’s not even accelerationism.  I’m past that.  To quote a fellow who explained the significance of the Second Amendment to an Godless Commie — “Because *#&^@ you, that’s why”. This is the story of… Continue reading

Milo Gets It

Here’s a cheery thought from Milo: Exactly.  Their victories are not our victories — their losses are not our losses. I would only add that there are good Republicans, but they are insignificant in the way that Justice Thomas is insignificant.  He did good work on the election, but it… Continue reading

No Blood for … What?

The chaos of Beijing Biden’s mal-administration is rapidly descending from amusing to dangerous. Today’s step closer to the precipice involves Biden*’s team following up their request for a Biden*/Putin face-to-face meeting by imposing further sanctions on Russia.  Unsurprisingly, the Russian side has responded by nixing the invitation to a summit… Continue reading


Guys, I don’t want to hog the bandwidth — but sometimes things pop up which make it difficult to stay silent. For anyone not familiar with ZeroHedge (, it is a financially-oriented news site run by some shadowy anti-Western group.  Does it matter if that is Soros or Chinese?  The… Continue reading