Black Pilled

Theoretically I maintain that hope remains.  I like to think that, and so I do.  Yet I do not actually believe it.  Therefore, abandon here all ye who maintain  hope.  Don’t let me harsh your hopium buzz — I don’t want to hear your happy-talk.

I am not watching the news or even paying attention to much of anything. 

Republican Party the enemy

Why bother?  It is all bad, there is nothing we can do about it, and that problem for us lies within the Republican Party, which will always prioritize its comfortable half-existence over our very real lives and rights.

As we said in 2008 and 2012, if the party had fought and lost, I would still support them.  The Trump nomination, election, administration and now replacement all tended to lay bare the machinations of our enemies.  The most valuable, most meaningful thing laid bare, however, is that the Republican Party is in fact on the enemy’s side.

They never forgave Trump for winning, same as they never forgave the Tea Party for delivering a record-setting, crushing victory in the 2010 off-year election.  They screwed the Tea Party up and down, blaming a few losses on us while not mentioning the context of an enormous net positive — for which they would have had the Tea Party to thank, if they had thanked anybody.  They screwed Trump at every turn, colluding with an army of unmovable bureaucrats who now have nothing to fear from anybody.  It is not a secret any more — it is all out in the open and there is not thing one that we can do about it.  There is in fact very little that we can even say about it.

nothing we can do — little we can even say

Lois Lerner got off scot-free for weaponizing the IRS against the Tea Party.  Eric Holder got off scot-free for weaponizing the DoJ against conservatives, and for executing the first part of Obama’s brownwshirt program . Hillary Clinton got off scot-free for a range of issues centering on her pay-to-play Clinton Foundation (with husband Bill), coordinated on her illegal private email server, and covered up by everything from Benghazi onward.  Loretta Lynch, James Comey, and Peter Strzok all got off scot-free for the coverup of previous events, and for organizing the second part of the brownshirt plan, allowed to escape by everybody from Jeff Sessions to Bill Barr.  Nancy Pelosi and her frenemies from Schumer to the Squad are all doing fine, having incited and directed an insurrection and coup.  With their friends in governor and mayor positions, able to selectively police against ordinary Americans and in favor of violent terrorist mobs (those brownshirts again), they brought about the end of the Republic.

Well, that’s one way of toting it up.  What’s terrible about all of the above is that the Republicans never did anything more than put on a good show for us morons, and we thanked them for it.  They never meant to hurt the deep state, or to threaten its elected or appointed actors.

We are saddled now with a government less legitimate than that which we propped up in Afghanistan for ten going on twenty years, which their citizenry does not see as valid in any greater proportion than we see ours.  The whole damned world can see that Joe Biden is a doddering unperson, and they understand that this is a charade — there is no President, nor Vice-President — there is just a power structure, and it is not elected or appointed.  The elected officials are mostly camouflage for the power structure.

There are a few good people here and there — Clarence Thomas, Devin Nunes, and the like, but they no longer matter.  They are isolated pockets of resistance bypassed and marked for later destruction by the enemy.  And that enemy includes the Republican Party.

isolated pockets of resistance — irrelevant, and soon gone

We forced them out in the open.  I would like to think that they can never go back now, that their cover is finally blown for all to see.  But the appalling truth is that none of this matters.  Farts in the wind.  They’re back the next day asking matter-of-fact if we want a ride.  Take it or leave it.

I’ll sooner die than live with that sort of abusive rinse-and-repeat.  The Republican Party is dead to me, and I aim to help it stay that way.  I may have little power and certainly no meaningful vote, but what else can I do besides dedicate myself to vengeance upon the treacherous agents of our political destruction?  When Hillary Clinton shrugged off the deaths at Benghazi, the answer to her question “What difference, at this point, does it make?” is one word — Accountability.  If those who do wrong are not punished, then it is tautologically true that there is no disincentive for bad behavior.

So on to the Republicans.  If their victories are not our victories, then their defeats are not our defeats.  Every Republican official or hopeful can screw right off.  I don’t mean most of them, I mean all.  And I don’t mean for the time being, I mean once and for all.  I am done.

We’ve been through this a couple of times (2008, 2012), and the object lesson is that a program of tactical difficulty to generate strategic change did not work.  We were unable to change the party from within — even with Trump as President, the Party in fact cleaned us out.  They sabotaged Trump at every turn, and now the Republican Party has brought about the Biden non-Presidency, the ascent of the Praetorian administration.  Some say it’s the media, some say it’s the Bilderbergers.  All I need to know is that it is no longer We The People — the Republic has passed away, and here we still are, subjects, not citizens, afraid, not free.  You may say that it hasn’t been us for quite some time — perhaps that is true — it’s certainly not  something that just happened on January 20, 2021, but it is now final in a way that is new.

I cannot get too excited about these awful bills sailing through both houses and the White House to become awful laws.  Our laws do not actually matter anyway — they are enforced against us, and not against the left.  I suspect that we are not far from a “Let him enforce it” moment from the Executive branch, neutering the Judicial.  it would play out with regard to a Federal District Court, but would be a message to the Supremes, who under

John Roberts removed the court from the government

Roberts’ power have made themselves irrelevant anyway.  All that remains is for the power behind the throne to openly assert that.  This is the way of things today — they are not grabbing power — that is done.  They are not consolidating power — that is now done, too.  They are now explaining the extent of their power, and by doing so proving to us that we are powerless.

There is nowhere to go.  There is nobody to tell.  There is no way to defend that which is already gone.  What remains is the involuntary twitches of argument and existence, spasms from a dissected frog’s leg.  Perhaps a little vengeance that the extensor can wreak upon the adductor.  Feels good, man.

Should I bravely defy this obvious effort to demoralize us?  Where is your fortitude?  FIGHT ON, COMRADES!  IT’S JUST OVER THE NEXT HILL!  See, the thing about propaganda is that it works whether you recognize it or not.  You believe the Big Lie whether you “believe” it or not.  That’s how defeat works — that’s what defeat is.

No.  It’s not over the next hill, or the next, or the one after that.  We have been marched to death, and there are no more hills, there are no more valleys.  There is no more us.


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  1. TL:DR but but maybe it is time for you to your refresh your Paine: 

    These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.

  2. Thanks, squidlet.  It is the Republican establishment which has brought us to this pass repeatedly, and I am resolved now — in a way that I had not been before — that step one is solving the Republican Party problem.  Without solving that that, other efforts are wasted, Fortunato playing along, trying to change reality by adjusting his perception.

    “We will have many a rich laugh about it at the palazzo!”

  3. I remember writing on the legacy site, that the 2016 election seemed more like the end of something, rather than the beginning. In some ways I was right and in others I’m wrong. I would contend that the Baby Boomer generation (my parents generation) lived through a very unique era in this country and the world. If you think about it, after WWII the US was basically the only manufacturing base left standing in the World. Europe and Asia were decimated and had to pick up the pieces to rebuild. This country became very rich and very powerful in a relatively short amount of time, historically speaking. That kind of money and power, breeds corruption unless checked. Which it really never has been . Look at so many scandals over the years. The actual responsible people are never the ones held accountable. Usually they toss some poor schlub in prison to appease everyone, but the corrupt keep chugging along with no comeuppance. Like, anything else, when times are good and we are fat, happy and flush with cash we can just shake our heads at the bastards and go on with our lives. I think the difference now, is that the chickens have come home to roost. We are broke. Actually worse in crazy debt and we just watch these people who are responsible for our demise, in absolute desperation trying to hold on to their money, and power. They are becoming frantic, and will do anything, appease anyone with money to keep this gravy train running, and hope that us piss ants never find out how bad it has really been. How disgusting and depraved they really are. The good thing is, we can see it. Really.  You may not think that people are waking up but they are. But it takes a while, we need to get our bearings and figure out what we need to do. We know now that a lot of people that we put our trust into, are a bunch of lying sacks of crap. The good thing is, we know that now and can act accordingly. Look at what is happening with CPAC right now. You have an article by Nicky Haley, bitching about how she wasn’t invited. Liz Chaney is acting like a complete bitch about Trump and exposing the Republican party for what it is. Are we going to go through hard times? yes. But we kind of deserve it, for believing these people and not being more skeptical. Keep the faith, we were born for these times for a reason. 

  4. Mate De, the comment thing has no doubt wiped out your paragraph formatting.  I am working on fixing that.  (SSIIGGHH)

    Meanwhile, if you go through and EDIT it, just once, it will stick.  Okay,m reading the rest of your comment now.


  5. Mate De, I appreciate your response and the mindset behind it.  You’re good people (Heck — everybody here is good people!).  So I’ll say as delicately as I can that we have heard this before:

    The good thing is, we can see it. Really.  You may not think that people are waking up but they are.

    … because we have said this before.  Nobody sees anything who didn’t already think it.

    On the other hand, perhaps my own black-pilling disproves that point. It is not as though I did not previously think that the country was sliding into the muck, and that there were bad actors almost everywhere. I’ve been up for the fight for a long time. And not anymore. The only entity worth fighting is the #### Republican Party. They will ruin any effort, lose any battle, betray any patriot. Nothing we do will matter so long as it can be smothered by the GOP. And I cannot even afford them the dignity of being the Democrats’ butt-boys. They are quite secure in their own house, in which Democrats are welcome. They are not owned by Democrats, or beholden to them — they are their own center of motivation and effort — they do what they want for their own benefit, and we could have been a threat to that.

    That threat has now been eliminated. And that’s why they really really like Democrats. The Democrats accomplish for the Republicans what the R’s could not have have accomplished for themselves. Now that’s a rewarding friendship.

  6. The time period and the phenomenon of Trump administration were a sort of Ghost Dance.  If we just dance hard enough, these shirts will become bulletproof!

    The “Ghost Dance of 1890” was a novel religion which cropped up as the last of the Indians were subjugated.  Paraphrasing from woke-a-pedia:

    proper practice of the dance would reunite the living with spirits of the dead, bring the spirits to fight on their behalf, end [our subjugation], and bring peace, prosperity, and unity to [us]

    An elaboration of the Ghost Dance concept was the development of ghost shirts, which were special clothing that warriors could wear. They were rumored to repel bullets through spiritual power.

    Kind of like voting in 2020.

  7. I understand your point BDB, and totally get it. But I am incapable of being Black Pilled. I can get grey pilled, not black. I guess I see it not as another hill to die on but another cross to bear. We all have to carry our crosses, as our forbearers did. To be honest ours isn’t even that heavy, compared to previous generations. 

  8. This is a test. I have been trying to post a long reply, but keep getting a blue page “ACCESS DENIED”.

  9. Westman: you might be able to it by editing your comment and “updating.” I got the same thing when I pasted in the Paine quote but got through by editing. 

  10. I feel your pain, BDB.  No, seriously — I am very sympathetic to your exasperation with the Institutional Republicrats.  Just today, I returned a request for money from the Republicrats with a note explaining that they had been weighed in the balance and found wanting. 

    Look at the bright side.  The Institutional Republicrats and their Democrat (Chinese?) masters have won — no doubt about that.  But they have won a Pyrrhic victory — “If this is victory, our hands are not big enough to hold it“.  They have sawn most of the way through the branch on which they are sitting, and collapse is inevitable.   All we are waiting for is for the rulers of the Chinese Communist Party to pick the moment when they bring this farce to an end. When will that happen?  Who knows?  Ross Perot thought we were close to the edge of fiscal insanity, and that was not yesterday. 

    And when the collapse comes, it will be brutal.  Many of us will die, some from violence but mostly from disrupted power, water, and food supplies.  And the survivors will be much poorer than today.  That includes Bill Gates, who will find that having a piece of paper which says you own farmland will become very different from actually owning that farmland. 

    Our task is not to try to avoid the coming collapse, and we don’t need to do anything to accelerate it.  Our hopeful task is to be able to pass on to a future generation the lessons we are learning from this failure.  No society can afford to have universal suffrage.  No society can afford to have a permanent Political Class.  Senior bureaucrats need to be kept on a very short leash.  Lawyers are to be considered like prostitutes — occasionally necessary, but most citizens never go near them and no citizen respects them.  Small government, with all decisions made as close to the citizens as possible.  Very tight limits on governmental spending. 

    If we get our act together now, we can improve the chances of the phoenix rising from the ashes of the inevitable Republicrat/Democrat financial collapse.

  11. Looking at the Board of Directors for that site / organization:
    * Rachel Bovard
    – Seems legit
    * Saagar Enjeti
    – NOPE. Not a conservative.
    * Ryan Girdusky
    – Seems Legit
    * Josh Hammer
    – Seems legit but work for Newsweek
    * Terry Schilling
    – His father seems legit.
    * J. D. Vance
    – I read his book. Forget what I thought about it. Seems legit.
    The meta-issue I see is that there’s a lot of the grift circuit in their bio snippets. Top right, big red DONATE button. Pop-up asks for name and email address. Gee, wonder what that’s for?

    Website says all the right things. They always do. Maybe it’s a great org. I’m just not in the mood for a sales pitch from yet another group of political theater superheroes.
    Still, nothing against any of them except Saagar Enjeti — he’s a “conservative” like Jennifer Rubin or David Brooks.

  12. Group was mentioned at Claremont Institute/American Mind substack

  13. I’m late to the party… again. A few thoughts based on a cursory reading:
    – BDB, after the first red pill, a black pill usually follows. That means you need another dose of red pill to understand the problems and any possible way forward. There are some white pills out there.
    – squidlet nailed it with the Tom Paine quote. This isn’t going to be easy and it’s not going to be quick. We’re not voting our way out of this. The political class are in charge of both major parties and they’ve mastered CYA.
    – Claremont is generally sound but has some legacy CivNats who still believe in Magic Dirt Theory and other heresies. I’m not going to name names. Their president seems okay.


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