Congressional leaders work hard to rein in Free Speech, and outlaw internet users’ tendencies toward “dangerous disinformation”

Recently Congressional leaders convened a Congressional hearing to determine how to reform the internet’s overly casual censorship of its users. Those of us who actually use the social media sites know nothing could be further from the Truth. There are an entire list of subjects that could bring about a… Continue reading

“You Are Not Part Of Our Community!” Commie Left Wingers Threaten White Reporter #irl​ #live​ #la​ LIVE: Reporter covers a protest at DA office in Los Angeles Ten to 13 minutes in, we white people realize what the Left is about. Interesting that the Major Legacy Media will not cover this aspect of “The Peaceful Protesters.” All that ever gets covered is… Continue reading

My “Dream Interview” With Bill Gates, Sunday night around 11Pm

So this is what I dreamt about my interview with the world’s greatest philanthropist.

Before the interview began, I realized I was a reporter working for the West Coast mystery radio station, KJAV. Once again, I looked over the handout Joel Lord had offered to me, as shown below:

After reading it through, I knew I had at least one question, if not two or three, to ask Mr Gates about  how the new mRNA vaccine for COVID 19 would actually work inside our bodies.

My first question was this: “I know from what I have been reading that the COVID vaxxes will use mRNA snippets to produce protein(s) inside the cells of our bodies to aid in creating spike proteins whose job will be to trigger our bodies’ ability to recognize and attack any COVID infection that shows up inside of us. Now as the host cells in our body that uptake the mRNA material then  are instructed to create these spike proteins, will these host  cells become exhausted and unable to actually create the proteins that they need to self nourish? That would, I assume,  mean the host cells would then die?

“What does that mean, Mr Gates, if that is the case? I mean, I assume if the host cells all die that our over all health might not be very good, even though we have complied with our work place vax requirements and gotten the  jab? Or will the host  cells simply create the spike proteins that are needed and then return to normal?”

So Bill Gates took a moment to answer, not realizing there had been a truth serum drug in his morning coffee: “Well, we do not know what happens, nor do we care. We will be grossing some $264 billions of dollars, assuming all 330 million Americans get their series of two jabs.” Since he was unaware of the truth serum, he didn’t seem to notice he was speaking his thoughts out loud: “Three hundred and thirty million people minus me and my wife, my kids and grandkids of course.”
He took another gulp of java and continued. This surprised me, as I had not even asked my second question about the vaccine and its effects on  pregnancy, but then maybe the experimental truth serum also allowed one person to mind meld with another? “Do we have any idea  if the spike protein will go on to form a series of spike proteins that will attack the placenta of a pregnant woman, resulting in her miscarrying that pregnancy? No, of course we don’t know. Do we know if this vaccine will affect the fertility of  countless numbers of women? No, of course not.
“Why do you think this is called an experimental vaccine? But again, we will still be grossing some 264 billions of dollars after all you edjits are vaxxed!”
I wanted to ask him another question: “I have heard it stated that a more  likely downside of the mRNA vaccine might be some un-intended consequences of releasing viral proteins within certain human cells, causing untold damage. What assessment has the research you’ve been shown indicated about this important question?”
His answer was a swift one. “I have to confess I have been more interested in finding out what plays I can make now that these COVID programs have wiped out so many mom and pop businesses that real estate in the US can be had for pennies on the dollar. You do realize that 264 billions of dollars will buy up a lot of real estate, don’t you? I already have bought up 25% of the farm land here in the states. But that leaves some 75% of rural areas still up for grabs!”
At this point, I could see that Gates was antsy to get out in the world and spread some more of his philanthropy around. I only had one more remark to make: “Anyway sir, thank you for your time in clearing these matters up. I also want to congratulate you for seeing to it that the recent COVID Stimulus package  of early March  2021 contained specific language allowing for the vaccine developers and manufacturers to receive American taxpayer monies for going to all this trouble. And also to congratulate you on how even though those government monies are to be made available, the taxpayers’ Big Health Insurers will still step in and pay the cost of each jab each American gets. Way to go there, Gates-y!”
He swallowed the last few drops of the coffee, and headed out the door of the news room. Right before leaving, he turned to say: “Rather tasty coffee you people here at KJAV brew. I wonder if you could care to tell me what makes it taste so delicious?”
I could only answer, “Sorry but that is proprietary information, sir.”
He nodded as though he expected my answer, and then turned and left.
He must have been half way down the hallway when the mind meld aspect of the truth serum revealed to him exactly what had been in the coffee. I know that happened because he let out a shriek that will shake up  my dreams for some time to come.



Expose: Vulnerability of Spyware & Leaking of Data on Cloud & Virtual Keyboard Service

MicroSoft’s servers for their 2016 cloud services showed vulnerability, even when users employed Tor and duckduckgo. This also involved MS virtual keyboard users. Also  a year later in  2017, a popular virtual keyboard app leaked 31 million users’ personal data. It turned out that the app developer’s database did not… Continue reading

On Day One, Biden Overturns Trump’s Exec Order Re: National Power Grid –

If you know people in Texas, you might try and discuss this with them:

This is from the good people over at Forbidden Knowledge TV.

“In May of 2020, Pres Trump signed off on Executive Order 13920, securing the United States’ bulk power system.

“In the Executive Order, Trump stated that he found that foreign adversaries had been ‘Exploiting and creating vulnerabilities in the United States’ bulk power system,” and that, “The bulk power system is a target of those seeking to commit malicious acts against the United States and its people, because a successful attack on our bulk power system would present significant risks to our economy, human health and safety and would render the United States less capable of acting in defense of itself and its allies.'”

Power transformers are the backbone of out electrical grid and about 85% of our transformers are coming from abroad, including Communist China, who 9 years ago bragged that they supported 10% of New York City’s electrical load.

On his very first day in the White House, President Joe Biden signed the Executive Order on Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis. In Section 7 (c) of this Order, it is written that, “The Executive Order of May 1, 2020 [Securing the United States Bulk Power System], is hereby suspended for 90 days.”

The important graphic below is Graphic Number Two, about The US Department of Energy cutting back the power grid in Texas.




A Tale of Two Nations: Poland to Fine Social Media Moguls Who Block Posts. Meanwhile Australia Is Denied News Links By Facebook

Bravo, Polish Officials!! Poland is making it legally possible to fine Big Tech platforms up to $13.5 million per case when a platform censors any users or remove any posts for ideological reasons. (Trump might  have become a billionaire another time or two over if this had applied here in… Continue reading