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While Bastiat is just killing it over there at Mr. O’Shea’s place, with another front-pager in seemingly minutes, Franco (Noster! Noster!) has a great post up, which I heartily endorse, entitled “Moralism by Proxy”.  He makes the predictable points that leftists virtue signal with their votes.  Take that as background.  He makes the less-prediactable point that we on the right do the exact same thing, with sniffiness about peccadilloes taking the place of a hard-nosed appreciation of likely outcomes.

He (Franco) will perhaps not mind if I quote him briefly, in a magnificent observation, “[Trump] may have lied to his wife — or wives — but he didn’t lie to us voters, whereas a politician like Romney will not lie to his wife, but will casually mislead, tell half-truths, obfuscate, and dissemble to voters on a serial basis over decades, with little or no shame or guilt. ”

And half of the GOP cannot stand Trump despite having been pleasantly surprised by the results provided during his term — what he was able to accomplish in the face of a treacherously hollow “Republican” House and Senate, not to mention a Supreme Court ostensibly of a conservative bent.  I’ll touch on this later, but I believe that nobody ever has their mind changed through debate.  Those anti-Trumpers who shy away from the title “never-Trump”, who say that they were pleasantly surprised — I wager — will still not vote for him or his next doppelganger.  The next meat-and-potatoes populist conservative who takes on the swamp will still be despised by these people for “reasons”.

Franco describes the reasons.


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  1. Gavin Longmuir

    Well, maybe. President Trump in 2020 got a huge 74 Million votes — an increase of about 11 Million votes over what he earned in 2016. And we can be fairly sure that every one of those votes was real — unlike the supposed 80 Million votes claimed by the Senile Sniffer. What those votes show is that there is a gap between the commentariat (which may focus on things like “morality” as they define it) and a big group of the people.

    There is a reasonable case that many of the people who voted for Reagan and later for Trump have as low an opinion of the Republicrat Establishment as they do of the Democrats. Call them the “Contingent Voters” — they will never vote for a Democrat, but they might vote for someone running on the Republican ticket who is clearly an outsider who wants to shake things up in the DC swamp.

    Unfortunately, the Republicrat Establishment (and a fair number of go-along Republicans) don’t want to shake things up — don’t want to see a return to Constitutional government. If Republicans really wanted to win and make a difference, it is obvious what they would do. And they would not spend their ink bad-mouthing President Trump!

  2. I’m flattered you so appreciate that post!

    I wrote most of it 8 months ago but it was long and rambling and I never felt like editing it. Then Dave Carter contacted me for an interview on his podcast, and I polished it up so we would have something to talk about (besides my amazing life) and it made the main page (although after the comments died down and – with a lot of other promotions, hmmm).

    The other interviewee was supposed to be Victor Davis Hanson but alas it was not to be, and the substitute was Jon Gabriel, you can skip that part although I heard a report that he was on good behavior. Apparently the Poli-prudes are fixated on Biden as Carter. I see Biden more the Maoist Helen Keller myself…

  3. Franco: Apparently the Poli-prudes are fixated on Biden as Carter. I see Biden more the Maoist Helen Keller myself…

    He’s just another finger of the evil hand. I’ll check out the podcast!


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