A Farewell to Mongo

I’ve been tracking the news since it was embargoed. Glad I was able to connect with some of the usual suspects before I started the business trip I’m on. I struggle for things to say times like these, which of course makes writing less likely.

I never met Mongo and didn’t know his real name until after the recent news. As an internet friend, whatever that is, I respected and admired him. He made it a point to remain productive, useful, engaged after retiring from the military, contributing his brain and brawn to the community. A man like Mongo could have kicked back and collected the checks, but he plugged away — made of different stuff.

I enjoyed hearing him on the AMUs of various stripe, although there was usually an 80% chance of snoring to send the rest of us packing as the hour drew late.  Those were deep, happy, satisfied snores!  If I recall correctly, he leaves behind a wife and three daughters.  He did have some amusing tales of impressing his own sense of accountability on young men come-a-courtin’.  Murica!

He never signed up here, and I am no longer on sites where I saw him last, so it has been some time since I encountered him or his writing.  We are poorer for his loss, but the security in Heaven just got calibrated.  By a Boss.


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