That’s right, the cafe across the street.  Bygones, I believe.  Not sure.  We shall see. Not leaving here unless I get thrown out for double-dipping.  I’m not over at Dime’s place, where I guess everybody else went.  Dime is a good man and I like him, the site is just… Continue reading

Vietnam Mistakes

Here we go again.  Look at the headline (Wa Times), and then at the caption of the photo accompanying. Pentagon braces for Kabul to fall to Taliban, sends thousands of troops to evacuate U.S. Embassy The Taliban delegation arrives for Afghan peace talks in Doha, Qatar, Thursday, Aug.12, 2021. So… Continue reading

Our Destruction Proceeds Apace

From American Thinker: The Canadian border is now closed due to COVID but illegal immigrants streaming across our southern border with their ten percent covid infection rate are being transported at taxpayer expense into the U.S. interior. If this doesn’t qualify as senseless, pointless, lunacy, I don’t know what would…. Continue reading

Three-child Policy?!

In 1979, China implemented the one-child policy, with predictable and disastrous consequences. Fertility is way below replacement at less than 1.6 and their population pyramid is messed up. Central planning creates a problem? Central planning produces a solution, comrade! In May of this year, the Politburo announced that up to… Continue reading