No Blood for … What?

The chaos of Beijing Biden’s mal-administration is rapidly descending from amusing to dangerous. Today’s step closer to the precipice involves Biden*’s team following up their request for a Biden*/Putin face-to-face meeting by imposing further sanctions on Russia.  Unsurprisingly, the Russian side has responded by nixing the invitation to a summit… Continue reading


Guys, I don’t want to hog the bandwidth — but sometimes things pop up which make it difficult to stay silent. For anyone not familiar with ZeroHedge (, it is a financially-oriented news site run by some shadowy anti-Western group.  Does it matter if that is Soros or Chinese?  The… Continue reading

Wind and Wuthering Part I

Music adds so much meaning and color to lyrics, while at the same time obscuring meaning and creating mystery. Music alone is an atmospheric blank slate,  an emotional palate. It’s a language without an overt message. It is literally vibrations. We feel vibrations as well as hear them. Pitches and… Continue reading