On Day One, Biden Overturns Trump’s Exec Order Re: National Power Grid –

If you know people in Texas, you might try and discuss this with them:

This is from the good people over at Forbidden Knowledge TV.

“In May of 2020, Pres Trump signed off on Executive Order 13920, securing the United States’ bulk power system.

“In the Executive Order, Trump stated that he found that foreign adversaries had been ‘Exploiting and creating vulnerabilities in the United States’ bulk power system,” and that, “The bulk power system is a target of those seeking to commit malicious acts against the United States and its people, because a successful attack on our bulk power system would present significant risks to our economy, human health and safety and would render the United States less capable of acting in defense of itself and its allies.'”

Power transformers are the backbone of out electrical grid and about 85% of our transformers are coming from abroad, including Communist China, who 9 years ago bragged that they supported 10% of New York City’s electrical load.

On his very first day in the White House, President Joe Biden signed the Executive Order on Protecting Public Health and the Environment and Restoring Science to Tackle the Climate Crisis. In Section 7 (c) of this Order, it is written that, “The Executive Order of May 1, 2020 [Securing the United States Bulk Power System], is hereby suspended for 90 days.”

The important graphic below is Graphic Number Two, about The US Department of Energy cutting back the power grid in Texas.




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