Black Pilled

Theoretically I maintain that hope remains.  I like to think that, and so I do.  Yet I do not actually believe it.  Therefore, abandon here all ye who maintain  hope.  Don’t let me harsh your hopium buzz — I don’t want to hear your happy-talk. I am not watching the… Continue reading

Advice for Republicans from the Outgroup

Scott Alexander, formerly of and now proprietor of, has just posted an article suggesting Republicans focus on class. Alexander suggests that the GOP declare war on college, experts, upper-class media, and wokeness. Shorn of the general snarkiness, it’s nothing that Tucker Carlson hasn’t been advocating, more sincerely and… Continue reading

Expose: Vulnerability of Spyware & Leaking of Data on Cloud & Virtual Keyboard Service

MicroSoft’s servers for their 2016 cloud services showed vulnerability, even when users employed Tor and duckduckgo. This also involved MS virtual keyboard users. Also  a year later in  2017, a popular virtual keyboard app leaked 31 million users’ personal data. It turned out that the app developer’s database did not… Continue reading