Vietnam Mistakes

Here we go again.  Look at the headline (Wa Times), and then at the caption of the photo accompanying.

  1. Pentagon braces for Kabul to fall to Taliban, sends thousands of troops to evacuate U.S. Embassy
  2. The Taliban delegation arrives for Afghan peace talks in Doha, Qatar, Thursday, Aug.12, 2021.

So here we are bracing for shock and committing to a Saigon rooftop evacuation, while sitting down with the same enemy for talks in a different country.  I suppose it is beyond the State Department’s radius of give-a-damn to connect these things.  *spit*

This is why I’ve been sour on this whole thing for a decade — ever since Obama announced that we would haul ass.  Once that announcement went out, the whole thing was moot.  See my Ricochet post for details.  From a decade or so ago.

Good-ness.  I’ll just leave this here and try to keep a civil tongue.


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