Our Destruction Proceeds Apace

From American Thinker:

The Canadian border is now closed due to COVID but illegal immigrants streaming across our southern border with their ten percent covid infection rate are being transported at taxpayer expense into the U.S. interior. If this doesn’t qualify as senseless, pointless, lunacy, I don’t know what would.

A system has boundaries or it is no system.  A country has borders or it is no country.  A government serves its people or it is not legitimate.

I despair of things to write, for we have all said it before.  I can hardly wait for the war to begin in earnest.  Shoot the archer, not the arrow.  Our political class uses us as the working fluid in a great machine which benefits them and destroys us.  Their heirs will prosper in the global nonsense, no matter how bad it gets.  We the subjects and increasingly prisoners of a country striving to become a world government — on our backs — will not prosper, and our heirs will revile us whether they see the truth or not.  They will hate us for our politically incorrect ways (property, merit, law) if they never break free of the propaganda, and they will hate us for our inactivity if they do reclaim the truth.  We have been set up by our political class to take the fall either way.

The millions streaming across our souther border are just one more class of hostage, a wall of “huddled masses”, a human wave assault too dear to be attacked.  If you were in their shoes, you would do it too.  We are the Forgotten Men.  Or will be soon.

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