Join, Comrades!

If you are interested in joining this site, you’ll need an invitation from a member, and that member will have to VOUCH FOR YOU.

If this seems onerous, please consider how nice it is to be inside that fence.  It’s downright cuddly in here.  Existing members have access to a page with slightly more detailed instructions (where to send what etc) but it’s not rocket science, and everything is covered in the first sentence above.  Hope to see you soon!

*** I’m not talented enough to design agitprop lobster-related post-Soviet kitsch, but were it so, I would put it here. ***

This site is still in beta, so it’s pretty barebones — FOR NOW.  In November, this site was no more than a conversation between friends (“the small group”) about how to use existing WordPress and existing plug-ins with no custom coding to actually achieve (at no cost to users) a fairly secure and sorta convenient site.  We went to alpha in December and have jumped into beta over the Holidays as things are speeding up in the real world.  We prioritize privacy over convenience, and simplicity over an unmaintainable complexity.  Hence some of the bare-bones nature.  Design goals include user-managed groups with internal forums.  It’s easy enough to implement that, but not exactly intuitive how to do it without spilling everybody’s beans.  STAY TUNED.

The focus on privacy is 90% of the explanation for the rigmarole about joining up.

And if you were not otherwise aware, it seems that most of the community is highly pro-Trump and not fond of the Never-Trump, “now-is-not-the-time-to-fight” coalition of the GOP.  Not fond at all.  And “Pro-Trump” seems to be as good a definition as any for a certain yuge stripe of American society.  It may not be exact, but as pithy working definitions go, it’s not bad.

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