What Happens Next?

Alasdair Macleod has a thought-provoking article about the corner into which the Federal Reserve has painted itself.  Inflation, asset and consumer prices (goldmoney.com) “The bubble will burst that is for sure. And when it does, $11 trillion of foreign owned equities will seek an panicked exit, not just from the deflating… Continue reading

411 BC — And Today

If any Crustaceans find themselves facing long drives, an excellent companion is the Great Courses series on “The Peloponnesian War” by Prof. Kenneth Harl.  It is a fascinating story, well told.  And Prof. Harl has a somewhat different take on that Athens/Sparta war than Victor Davis Hanson in his book… Continue reading

What’s Going On?

Nothing makes sense anymore! Think about the largely ignored Nordstream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to super-Green super-hypocritical Germany which President Trump’s Administration tried so hard to block.  Now the most popular Resident in White House history is backing off any efforts to prevent completion of that gas pipeline.  What… Continue reading

Abandon Hope

I guess most Crustaceans have seen these videos.  But if there is anyone who has not already compared military recruitment videos for Russia, China, and the USA — prepare to have your day ruined. Russian army video:  Russian Military Recruitment Video Embraces Dark Side – YouTube China 2018 army day… Continue reading

Lessons from the Mask

The CovidScam began with social media phone videos from China showing well-dressed working-age men collapsing & dying on the streets – very worrying indeed!   One of those rare occasions when panic is appropriate. But then there was the Diamond Princess cruise ship where about 4,000 people were confined for weeks… Continue reading