Good for Laughs

Jimmy Dore’s stuff is very interesting. I let the commie-socialist smugness go by, because, even though he has ‘wrong’ solutions, he has a sense of right and wrong, truth and lies and basic fairness that left right and center should agree upon. He reports on the corruption of the Democratic… Continue reading

Ricky Has Their Number

No doubt you’ve all seen Gervais’ troll of the Oscars re-posting his scathing takedown and  casual irreverence of all things Hollywoodish. Of course his resume as a wriest/creator is amazing, but Afterlife is a masterpiece of comedy with real pathos. Anyway, the clip below prompted my sharing – that and… Continue reading

Wind and Wuthering Part I

Music adds so much meaning and color to lyrics, while at the same time obscuring meaning and creating mystery. Music alone is an atmospheric blank slate,  an emotional palate. It’s a language without an overt message. It is literally vibrations. We feel vibrations as well as hear them. Pitches and… Continue reading

Saturday Humor

Preface This is something I wrote several years ago in more innocent times, but I thought I’d share on this site for those of you (all?) with a sense of humor and ability to get subtle (and not-so-subtle) references. Here in New Jersey (20 miles from the Bedminster Country Club… Continue reading


I appreciate science as much as any modern, Western Civilization-respecting person, but I have some questions. But I also respect faith. Faith is belief, or a belief-system that someone uses to navigate the world and explain the various phenomena encountered. Faith is handed down through elders, or those deemed to… Continue reading