Race and Society

The races are different, and we are all just going to have to get along. That’s the short version right up front.  You may insert a pile of caveats about what I am not saying, followed by a list of references to back up what I am saying.  Before any… Continue reading

Applauding Franco

While Bastiat is just killing it over there at Mr. O’Shea’s place, with another front-pager in seemingly minutes, Franco (Noster! Noster!) has a great post up, which I heartily endorse, entitled “Moralism by Proxy”.  He makes the predictable points that leftists virtue signal with their votes.  Take that as background. … Continue reading

How The West Works

No, not a treatise on “workers”, but on the function of that which we call The West.  This is YouTube video (pardon, while I cross myself and spurt Holy Water about the joint), and it magnificently sums up (or comports with) much of what I have read and much of… Continue reading

Paging Doctor Bastiat

Our friend Dr. Bastiat (~ saepe noster) has a post up over at Mr. O’Shea’s place, entitled with the seemingly relevant question “Are Democrat Voters Learning from What’s Happening?”  The argument develops along time-tested lines, in which days and decades of leftist leadership inevitably ruin those it purports to help,… Continue reading

A Defense of the Manosphere

Over the past twenty years, a movement or something has developed online in which men represent themselves as such.  In recent years, the term “manosphere” has taken hold, in parallel to blogosphere and anglosphere, perhaps finding roots in popular terms such as biosphere or ecosphere, and of course in more… Continue reading