An Offer You Can’t Refute

[NOTE: This is an old post, reproduced here in light of the preceding post about the death of the Godfather]

I know I’m slow on this internet stuff, but in case you have not already met, please allow me to introduce Kevin Samuels, The Godfather.  For years now, his YouTube videos have spoken Truth to Pretense, blowing up men and women alike for their mutual predictable failures in the dating market.  The black dating market.

Oh, is there a difference?  Well yes and no.  Heaven knows, Mr. Samuels pitches facts which are as universal as sexual dimorphism, and no matter what color you judge yourself to be, most of you are looking not only to engage successfully with the opposite sex, but you also want to drive a hard bargain, like you stole it.  You don’t want to get snookered in this market — the stakes are too high.  This is not money we’re talking about — this is your life, your genetic mission, your happiness below the level where reason operates.  And most of you, of either sex, are pricing yourselves right on out of the market.

Black dating is where some of the universal issues are more prominent.  Women who present little value seek men of great monetary value.  After all, resources are a woman’s best friend, as evolution has adapted them exquisitely to seek providers for the next generation, and this behavior manifests whether they wish to reproduce or not.  Meanwhile, men who possess little value seek women of great beauty.  After all, men are exquisitely adapted to seek those markers of fitness which have themselves been selected to travel in clusters.  To complicate things, both men and women have a tendency — an urge that defies our supposed logic — to hedge their bets (cheating) or to get the best of both worlds (cuckoldry).  There’s a reason that the forbiudden fruit is the sweetest, despite the fact that (as I saw once on a T-shirt) “No matter how fine she is, somebody, somewhere, is tired of her crap.”  Men and women are different, with different goals, different assets, different strategies, and different systems of moral reasoning.  Not as disparate as birds and fish, but not as similar as most people would like to think.  Or admit.

Kevin focuses on the difficulty that black women have in finding a black “high value man”, pointing out national and regional average incomes for black men, and comparing those to the costs of raising a family, in the style that black women wish to be kept.  He brings a lot of women down to earth about shopping for goods they can never afford.  (A couple of years ago, he was all about telling men why they were making the same mistake).  The top five percent of black men want nothing to do with the bottom or middle third of black women, and you;d think they would know by the time they’re thirty-five.  And as the numbers show, black men at an American comfort level are in far more restricted supply than, say, white men.  Couple this with two of the awful effects of the breakdown of the black family in America — namely worthless sons and worthless daughters — and you see a dating landscape strewn with wreckage, generations of people with no idea what a marriage should look like.  Baby Mommas in their late thirties trying to suddenly play the role.  Cool Dudes from the block who don’t own a car trying to impress the ladies.

While he doesn’t get political (that I have seen), his message is *usually* relentlessly conservative, although there are some major, uh, libertarian perspectives included.  I’ll link below to a video from his channel in which he takes a young woman to task for the usual issues — shopping out of her league without considering that maybe she’s the problem.  I caution you now — LANGUAGE.  Salty language is a staple of his show, but I feel that he pays the freight.  It’s not abusive, but you may not be quite accustomed.  It’s not raunchy like blue comedy — it’s just no-holds barred at times.  He is a gentleman who says the F word from time to time.  And the S word.  The N word, D, P, B, and some others.  Below that video, I’ll show a different side — he is interviewed by some other YouTubers — Aba and Preach.  You’ll at least want to stick around for their replay of a beatdown he gave a young man who came away with some very different advice than what he wanted.  That’s what happens when you try whining to The Godfather.

It’s frank talk about race, sex, society, money, and the current widespread misunderstanding that people have about just how special and unique they are.

So here’s the one with the lady: (LANGUAGE)

And here’s the interview and the awesome replay of his call with a young man — taken from a livestream (less “produced” and some intro/marketing hoopla up front — beatdown begins shortly after 11:00): (LANGUAGE)


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